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Are you sick of the gym? Are you in need of a change to your workout routine? If so, why not take your fitness outside? Here are six reasons why you should ditch the gym and exercise outside. It feels less routine than working out in the same environment every day. Unpredictability is essential for the human spirit. When you exercise outside, every day the environment is a little bit different.

Even if you work out at the same park, chances are the weather and surroundings will never be quite the same as they were the day before.

More : 4 Social Activities for Fitness and Fun. You breathe better air outside. There is no doubt that fresh air outside is superior to the recycled air you breathe inside of a building. Fresh air will even give you more energy. Just 20 minutes of working out outside is equivalent to drinking one cup of coffee in terms of its energy-boosting effects. You'll burn more calories.

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You are pretty limited on the treadmill or elliptical. Sure you can adjust the incline, but nothing beats the complex terrain of the outdoors. Working out outside promotes "muscle confusion," which can help your body burn more calories. While outside, you will probably also work out longer than you would indoors at a gym because indoors you're probably constantly checking how much time you have left. It's easy to lose track of time and exercise longer when you're working out in a beautiful environment, like a park.

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All rights reserved. Go Premium. Need Help? Learn More Customer Login. By Jaylin Allen. Her company, Bootique Fitness, is known as the solution for women's fitness. They get their clients into great shape in record time through personal training, zumba, nutrition and women boot camps in San Diego.

Check out her site bootiquefitness. Share this article. Are you sure you want to delete this family member?Create a truly unique functional fitness training system for users of all ages and facilities of all types and budgets. Ideal for group workouts with coaches and trainers, or just to provide exercisers with the most up to date functional training tools available.

The MoveStrong FitGround is specifically engineered for outdoor use. The T-Rex and FitGround fitness products are completely customizable to create an outdoor functional fitness playground for any size space. The FitGround is combination of MoveStrong outdoor products combined.

Ideal for recreation centers, health clubs, schools, military and athletic facilities.

outside gym

At MoveStrong, our philosophy has always been about using the basics of bodyweight and freeform tools to perform resistance exercises.

We stand behind the science that those who move more efficiently will develop truly useful strength. That is why we specialize in creating tools that progress functional fitness and support scalability for all levels.

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You asked and we listened! The new MoveStrong Nova XL Arch Bridge is a Patented design to accommodate more open space and countless amount of functional fitness exercises under a multi-height suspended bridge. The lower bridge rails of the Nova XL offer training options to include pull-up bars, Globe Grip rails, U-Loops accessory attachment points, Sliding Track for hanging and moving as needed fitness tools such as Heavy Bags and suspension trainers.

Guaranteed to take your bodyweight endurance training workout to the next level! Focused around the ramp and staircase features, this enhanced workout station allows for mixed multi-purpose functional training accessories attached to the main posts. This unit, is fully-customizable and fits well as a complement to your obstacle course or a single standalone multipurpose workout feature. Cart 0. MoveStrong equipment mimics that perfectly. The only thing that limits you out here is your imagination.

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So take advantage of it, be creative and have fun. Joseph Callahan. Learn more. Learn More. Elevate Trainer View Post. Pull-up Bracket System View Post. The Dynabell View Post. Obstacle Course View Post. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Sign Up.The MoveStrong FitGround is specifically engineered for outdoor use.

The T-Rex and FitGround fitness products are completely customizable to create an outdoor functional fitness playground for any size space. The FitGround is combination of MoveStrong outdoor products combined. Ideal for recreation centers, health clubs, schools, military and athletic facilities. Let our team assist with design and layout based on your space and needs.

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We offer surfacing recommendations for a safe and enjoyable FitGround. Ideal for fitness bootcamps, group training classes, schools, parks, military, or just a cool backyard adult fitness jungle gym!

The MoveStrong outdoor products are specifically designed to weather tough outdoor conditions and allow for year around functional fitness and bodyweight exercising for adults. Backed by an extensive outdoor warranty to ensure many years of quality use in a commercial or home setting.

Design with your space and training needs in mind. Our products are very customizable and can be tailored to your unique training needs. Let us help you with pricing and options that best fit your goals. Cart 0. Exercise outside Extend your outdoor play and fitness experience.

T-Rex FTS. MoveStrong OC. Obstacle Course Products and Design. Obstacle Course. Rugged, Durable Quality The MoveStrong outdoor products are specifically designed to weather tough outdoor conditions and allow for year around functional fitness and bodyweight exercising for adults. Learn more.Since I built it last fall, a lot of people have been asking me about the plans for my backyard fitness structure. Yet as soon as I decided it might be a good idea to stay in one place for at least a little while, the pull up bar plan was back on my radar.

My husband and I were lucky enough to find a house in our new city with a tiny backyard for the dog, of courseso as soon as we moved in I began plotting what my perfect backyard playground would look like. My pull up bar dream quickly went from being just a standalone bar to a parallel bar station as well. And while I was at it, I figured I might as well have a vertical pole put in as well so I can practice human flags a feat of incredible strength that I have full intention of being able to do someday.

But then I stumbled upon these random plans. These plans had everything I wanted—even the human flag pole. Since I wanted my mini fitness park to be even smaller and a more efficient use of space than the one in the plans, I had a little work to do.

First, I measured out the space and decided which direction I wanted everything to face. Second, I swapped the sides of the parallel bars and the human flag pole so the entire structure could nestle in the back right corner of my tiny yard. Next, I converted everything from metric units to imperial units, because, well, I live in the U.

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Lastly, I changed the length of some of the equipment, adjusting the parallel bars down from seven feet to five feet and the pull up bars up from seven feet to approximately eight feet. After we had the plans pretty much figured out, the next step was to find someone to actually install it since trying to build it myself would have undoubtedly resulted in a pull up bar that fell down after two days of use.

Step 1: We dug holes for the posts that were about three feet deep, which proved extra challenging because of the rocky soil in the backyard.

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Step 2: We drilled holes for the pipes in the wooden posts, then poured the concrete and put the wood posts in. This we left overnight to dry. Step 3: Due to some crazy rain storms, we actually had to wait a few days to continue working on the structure and make sure it dried properly.

Once it finally dried, we finished installing the pipes, making sure everything was even. Thanks for sharing this. Are you familiar with any instructions to build equipment to use for dips, leaning push ups, a low bench for step ups, etc.?

Any suggestions will be welcome. Thanks so much! Might have to build one of those myself.Here are some of the benefits of outdoor workouts, and tips for getting started. There is no debating the health benefits of physical fitness. Getting regular exercise helps prevent heart disease and other chronic illness, improves mood, reduces stress, improves sleep, and more. In order for adults to reap those benefits, the U.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week.

That time commitment may seem like a tall order in your busy life. Outdoor exercises are just as effective as indoor ones, can be more fun, and have some other appealing advantages.

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Outdoor fitness comes in many forms: Light gardening or other yard work, for example, is considered moderate physical activity, and a pound man can burn approximately calories in an hour doing it, according to the United States Department of Agriculture USDA. And then ease into it, Vindum says. Outdoor exercise can be adapted to anyone's level of fitness. Outside exercise uses all your senses and connects your body and mind," Vindum says.

By subscribing you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Health Topics. By Chris Iliades, MD. Last Updated: June 11, To keep up the activity at a consistent pace, you need to adapt to all those minute changes in your surroundings such as slight inclines, bumps, or obstacles you may need to dodgewhich means your body works harder than if you were running on a treadmill or using a stair machine, according to the American Council on Exercise.

This is especially important if you are overweight, as research suggests that people who are overweight are more likely to be deficient in vitamin D. Whether you use the hills, the sand on a beach, or a winding path, your mind has to focus differently than it would on a flat gym floor," notes Vindum.

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And research suggests the effect of exercise on the mind tends to favor a positive direction. Several studies, including one published in Environmental Science and Technology insuggest exercise outdoors benefited mental well-being more than the same type of exercise inside. Exercise early.We pioneered the concept here in the UK and lead the outdoor gym standard internationally.

Our products are the greenest, safest and strongest on the market and now we are smart too!

outside gym

Safer - we have led on standards and believe we have the only community friendly range. We don't believe in exclusions! Smarter - We have new technology in our gyms that count hits and works in conjunction with our app TGO activate giving site owners a picture of usage.

Until October 31st. Read more. Browse through our smart packages that measure hits. Green Movement. Listen to what our gym users say about our gyms. TGO outdoor gym equipment is smart. Click the button below for more details. This revolutionary range that is totally unique to TGO actually captures usage data via in-build smart technology and Bluetooth receivers.

This usage data is then fed back to the customer providing valuable insight into how many times the gym equipment is being used. The TGO activate app enables users to find their local TGO gym and encourages them to log and track their workouts, recording their progress to achieving their minutes of physical activity per week.

The TGO activate app also interacts with the gym signage and also then captures user data that is also sent back to the customer dashboard. TGO is activating. We are on a mission to build greater and more active communities around TGO gyms. We are now activating gyms creating Big Community Workouts for all the family to participate in each week, for free, run by local people trained and qualified by us.

TGO cares. We have a big green heart for the environment and believe that we should give back as much if not more than we take. We plant trees for every piece we install, we generate electricity with our cardio pieces and we manufacture in Britain to make a long lasting product. We also encourage litter picking around our gyms on our Big Community Workouts.

outside gym

We are economically sustainable too. For the cost of one leisure centre, TGO could activate communities reaching out to approximately five million people.

So why not join the green movement and get in touch with us today. When designing a gym, it is good practice to have a range of workouts, typically picked a couple for each: cardio, toning and strength. Hong Kong. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Part of the gym is made from aluminium with 2, recycled Right Guard aerosol cans. University of Warwick. The University of Warwick chose TGO to help design and build a unique gym for the mind, body and soul to create the country's most active campus.Midway through last fall, I stepped into my yard to find eight kids brimming with excitement.

One was swinging from a rope. Two more kids were leaping from a tractor tire and challenging the rest to follow.

These kids only one of whom is mine were not exactly working out. A workout area that my older sons trained on for lifeguarding and military fitness testing had become an imaginary volcano or pirate ship. Along the way, my children have used the space to develop agility, stamina, and strength. It all began inwhen my teenaged sons and I sketched out a design for three firewood racks.

After two weekends, we had a trio of racks that together could hold six cords of wood while also doubling as an alternative to a dingy basement gym. To one rack we added a high wall for wallballs. To another we fastened a pullup bar. For the third, we designed an angled beam rising about 16 feet in the air, from which we suspended the climbing rope. To this rack we also affixed a crossbeam, and from it hung a TRX set and a pair of rings. By spring, we had stocked the rack with firewood and the gym with an Olympic bar, a set of plates, and kettlebells.

Through a friend at her CrossFit gym, my wife found a free tractor tire. The gym was not perfect. The weight of the firewood and the softness of the soil caused the center rack to sink unevenly, a tic that remained even after we jacked up and braced the most offending corner.

With time we came to accept the flaw, just as I accept my own limits and the joint pain that has come with advancing age. Friends teased us playfully. Some called the space a prison gym. Others asked if I came up with the idea on a combat outpost in Afghanistan, where I had previously worked. This latter question was fair. American troops in remote positions concoct novel ways to work out in confined spaces and under the open sky, often with makeshift equipment, including dumbbells made from packed sandbags and tent poles for pullup bars.

My sons and I did not draw directly from any of those many designs. But war-zone gyms had proved to be both practical and fun, and demonstrated something too many big-box gyms miss: simplicity. They provided conceptual inspiration.

Remember that word. Whatever the merits of this firewood-rack-andoutdoor- gym combination, once built, it needed no sales pitch.